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N E W  L O O K 

Our Team decided to continue The PunkinFutz Survival Guide into 2021 with an updated look and feel. We will focus on a single topic per issue - something relevant and timely.  Let us know, if there is something specific we should cover or include:  We hope you like the new format.  If not, please tell us that, too!  The Survival Guide prioritizes free events and resources.  PunkinFutz does not receive any fee or consideration from the organizations we highlight.  If you are looking for any past issues, they can all be accessed here.  


This is an incredibly stressful time for adults and children.  We have found some terrific, non-partisan resources that help.
Common Sense Media
This organization provides a wealth of information on how to understand the sources of our information.  What is fake news?  How do we understand the events occurring?  Sections for Parents, Educators and Advocates.  They even have movie reviews by age group!  Some highlights:
The American Library Association has an excellent guide to understanding sources of information, both reliable and unreliable.  I highly recommend it: Building Media Literacy: The ALA Guide
The American Psychological Association (APA) 
Fascinating and actionable articles and guides for educators, including:
Bank Street’s Emotionally Responsive Practice Resources
This site has a great curated set of articles, resources and videos for free, including resources to address children's fears about COVID, politics, school shootings, etc..  There are also some fee-based options, including events and ongoing support. It takes some digging to find resources (there’s lots here).  Try starting here and don't miss the resources here.
Harvard University Center on the Developing Child
To say I could spend the whole newsletter on this site is an understatement. My favorite short videos and related articles include:
National Child Trauma Stress Network
Exactly the repository we need right now.  Check out the whole site here.  I found this section on the trauma of children with developmental and intellectual disabilities particularly helpful.  The baseline of trauma for children in our community needs to be considered as we evaluate their response to the additional trauma of COVID, disruption and current events.  

A  B I T  O F  F U N

This section remains unchanged.  We all need a bit of fun, now more than ever!
I saw Victor Borge perform live when I was a child.  It forever changed the way I think about the Art of Clowning.
Please note, PunkinFutz is in no way affiliated with any of the organizations covered in this newsletter.  PunkinFutz receives no compensation, directly or indirectly, from any organization or entity mentioned.