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V A C A T I O N   A C T I V I T I E S

Not sure what to do with the kids during the holiday break?  Here are some of our top picks:

Learn to Draw with Disney
Even I can draw these classic characters.   Check out the step-by-step tutorial videos for drawing your Disney favorites, from Donald Duck to Stitch!  Get started here.

Rising New York Road Runners
Free strengthening exercises and activities for children of all ages and abilities from the NY Road Runners Club.  Get moving here.

DIY Compilation from Good Housekeeping
I must tell you, that we are big into DIY around here.  We LOVE these projects and we thought this was a really great list!  So far, our favorites are the paper airplane competition (DIY Flight School) and the foam paint, but we're not even halfway through the list! There is something for everyone here.

Saying Thank You!
Every year we struggle to get thank you notes out. These ideas from Real Simple offer  something for everyone, from traditional notes to pictures to videos to....Find the one that best suits you and your kids here.

P U N K I N F U T Z   H O L I D A Y  E V E N T S

If you missed them the first time around, you can catch them right here (click on pictures for links):
H O L I D A Y   T R E A T S 
If you are still reveling in the caroling and the lights, here is another round of holiday ideas:

Millennium Park at Home
Celebrating the diverse cultures and traditions of another great city, I really enjoyed this 30 minute collection of music and visuals hosted by the Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, and her wife.  Enjoy it here.

Winter Wonderland from Google
Love the holiday windows but can't get to your favorite City display this year?  Check out this option from the folks that bring you Google Earth.  Start walking here.

Best of Graceland's Holiday Lighting Ceremonies
Another fun collection of performers, music and light displays from the home of the King of Rock & Roll!  Check it out here.
A   B I T   O F   F U N
OK, THIS!  I can waste hours playing with Blob Opera! Be sure to try the Holiday Setting!