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Covid OMH Emotional Support Helpline:
NYC Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355)
Crisis Text Hotline:
Text HOME to 741741
PunkinFutz stands with the black and brown communities in the United States to demand an end to the devastating, pervasive, systematic racism in our country.  #bethechange 

O U T D O O R   S U M M E R   F U N :

Swimming lakes in/near NYC 
Looking for a family friendly beach? How about one that's open this summer? The pandemic has limited capacity in some cases, so plan to get there at opening time to score your spot in the sun! 

Click here for lakes and beaches in NYC!
Click here for lakes and beaches near NYC!

List of Public Pools open
Those pools include: Mullaly in The Bronx; Liberty and Fisher in Queens; Sunset and Kosciusko in Brooklyn; Wagner in Manhattan; and Tottenville and Lyons on Staten Island. Seven more to open next week! Check here for updates.

Best spots in nyc for picnics
Craving some open-air dining? Check out TimeOut's best spots for getting your outdoor eat-n-chill on.

List of petting zoos near NYC
Apparently Mommy Poppins and we are on the same page this summer with fun stuff to do! Go pet a lamb, make your life a little baaaa-righter (brighter:).

I N D O O R   S U M M E R   F U N :

Hogwarts digital escape room
An enterprising librarian from Peters Township Public Library in Pennsylvania made this Harry Potter-themed digital escape room that lets you wander through Hogwarts.

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids
Does your kiddo ask questions you can't answer?
"Why Do Spiders Have Eight Legs?" 
"How Does Slime Work?"
"Where Does The Sky End?"
"Why Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?"
Learn all this (and more!) with a podcast for curious kids.

Smash Boom Best - podcast
Super Speed versus Super Strength? Cats or Dogs? This debate show for kids and families takes two cool things, smashes them together and lets you decide which is best. You can even submit recordings with your opinion called "in defense of!"

A D V O C A C Y :

A Play About: Racism
This performance explains what racism is, how to know it when you see and experience it, and ideas for what you can do about it.

Become a poll worker
Due to Covid-19, we’re facing an unprecedented shortage of poll workers. Most poll workers are 50+, an at risk population. That could mean closed polling places and long delays. You can help make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all voters.
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BCAP at Home with the Brooklyn Children's Museum
Monday, July 27th, 10-10:30AM
(That's TODAY! - head over now - MUST REGISTER BY 9AM!:)
Curious about STEM but never delved in? US TOO! Make a moving object with everyday materials at Makerspace Monday with Kwame Brandt-Pierce.

The Art Farm- Earth's Helpers
Thursday, July 30, 11AM
Would you like to meet a salamander? Meet several LIVE animal superstars including a hermit crab, rabbit and salamander! Learn how these small animals play a huge role in nature.

A  B I T   O F   F U N

We love OT's, if you don't already know. We saw this and just LOVED it... and thought you would too. Video creator: @ot_room.
Go visit these super cool accounts that collaborated to put this project together.