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Covid OMH Emotional Support Helpline:
NYC Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355)
Crisis Text Hotline:
Text HOME to 741741
PunkinFutz stands with the black and brown communities in the United States to demand an end to the devastating, pervasive, systematic racism in our country.  #bethechange 

R E S O U R C E S: All things NYPL

New York Public Library Summer Programming 
We've listed this before, but there is so much here that it merits another mention.  From Summer Camp to Summer Reading (including in foreign languages).

NYPL Story time 
And while you are there, be sure to check out Story time!

Get the reader app from the New York Public Library to access digital content for free!  And you can use SimplyE to get a library card, if you don't already have one!  Any New York State resident is eligible for a NYPL card.  We have also been told that you can link your Brooklyn or Queens Public Library cards through the SimplyE app, but we haven't tried it yet :-)

Mango Languages
And once you have your NYPL card, you can use it to access these excellent free language courses!  Ever wanted to learn a new language?  Start here!

Grab & Go
Starting July 13th, NYPL began their Grab & Go service, as the first step to making physical library resources available.  To learn how to access this new service, find step-by-step instructions through this link:


Make an Accomplishment Box 
I was going to share this in the Fall for back-to-school, but I think it might be needed right now.  With so much uncertainty (will there be school?) and change (why can't I visit Grandpa?) for kids right now, having an accomplishment box, something they can make and affect, might be useful right now.  Thanks to for the instructions here.

A Poem a Day 
I have always loved poetry and memorized poems starting at a fairly young age (my first being How Doth the Little Crocodile, by Lewis Carroll, which I can recite to this day).  Sign up for their Poem a Day!

The British Museum
Check out the amazing interactive timeline!  Great for older kids (and adults!).  All of us had fun with this one!
Buy Now
Our PunkinPlaySpace was awarded a Top Toy of the Year Award for 2019 from Creative Child Magazine.  In addition to coming with a free activity subscription, all PunkinPlaySpaces are manufactured in the United States by adults with disabilities. Did we mention that they are washable? #buydifferently


Dessert & Dialogue 
Tuesday, July 21 from 7 - 8:30 pm
This is a bit of shameless promotion.  Rebekah and I will be presenters for Dessert & Dialogue with NYSOTA on Tuesday, July 21st from 7 - 8:30 pm.  Anyone can attend.  All fees support the work of NYSOTA.  Sign up here:

A  B I T   O F   F U N

My daughter says skateboarding dogs are so last year.  I'll stop being impressed when I can do it better.  Just for fun....